Private Investigator. A private investigator is a person employed through people or businesses, to perform investigatory law offerings. They connect clues to discover records approximately legal, financial, or personal subjects. Private investigators usually work on my CCISO Test own, but they sometimes paintings with others, specially throughout surveillance or when they comply with a topic. Actually, there may be no want for formal schooling for maximum non-public detective and investigator jobs. Courses in crook justice and police technology are really useful. Some investigators obtain certification from a expert affiliation to demonstrate competency in a subject. The median annual non-public investigator revenue is between $35,000 to $50,000 with the better range of earners making $seventy six,000 or extra. Generally personal investigator salaries can range substantially due to organization, vicinity, industry, experience and advantages.

Bodyguard. A bodyguard is a sort of protection operative or agent who protects a person generally a famous and wealthy from attack, kidnapping, assassination, terrorist assault or different threats. As a bodyguard, your customers ought to consist of politicians, celebrities, head of industry, royalty and so forth genuinely who have specific threats. There is generally no running time restrict for a bodyguard. A bodyguard may additionally have to work lengthy shifts consisting of evenings and weekends, to offer 24-hour protection. He or she may work at indoor or out of doors places which includes conferences, political meetings and rallies, and business and social occasions. The day by day earnings of a bodyguard, in low chance regions, can be around $a hundred and fifty to $two hundred, and in excessive hazard, a bodyguard can earn round $500 an afternoon.

Pearl Driver. Diving for pearls is truely dangerous and unusual as a activity however it will pay very well. Actually it is not a terrible process for people who like being out on the sea. Since pearl diving can be very dangerous, it is crucial which you are properly taught earlier than diving proper in. Marine logistics and technical colleges provide unfastened-diving schooling that teaches you on right equipment usage and protection techniques. According to the SalaryExpert.Com, a pearl diver within the United States received among $34,459 and $sixty seven,573 as of 2010.

White Hat Hacker. White hat hackers are the hackers who paintings with customers which will assist them comfy their structures. A white hat hacker is a computer protection representative, who breaks into included systems and networks, to test and verify their security. A commercial enterprise can rent these experts to do exams and put into effect excellent practices in an effort to cause them to less uncovered to real hacking tries within the destiny. These white hat hackers earn more than $130,000 a 12 months.

Greeting Card Writer. Greeting card writers work to provide written copy for a birthday, anniversary, sympathy, and other needs. Greeting card writers need to have an professional writing skill, huge sensitivity and an information of what’s on purchasers’ minds, for you to write messages for cards that help people connect to one another. According to the Greeting Card Association, inside the bottom tier, pay ranges among $25 and $50, and whilst within the upper tier, the range is between $75 and $125 in keeping with writings.

Home Health Care Nurse. Home fitness care nurse a registered nurse who visits sufferers within the home. Depending on variety of skills and practice, domestic health care nurses specialize in the huge range of treatments, emotional aid, and appearance after the girls who’ve experienced recent childbirth etc. According to america Department of Labor, the common annual salary for home fitness care nurses is $49,000.

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